Investment Properties

Clients frequently reach out to inquire about buying an investment property. Whether to diversify their portfolio or to get into more affordable markets, we're often asked about alternatives to the Bay Area.


Today we're featuring a closer look at the first in a series of  the markets where there are great opportunities to invest - Austin, TX. 


Why Austin, TX?

If you've been to Austin, you might agree that's an easy question to answer. With a vibrant downtown, a great music scene and a burgeoning tech hub, the city of 2.2 million has steadily grown since 2010. Economists project an additional 120,000 jobs will be added in the metro area through 2023. In terms of migration, more Californians leave for Texas than any other state in the country.

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What would $350,000 buy in Austin?

We've partnered with our talented Compass colleagues in Austin, Kindred Realty Group, to take an in-depth look at Austin and the opportunities there for second home and investment properties. Click the button below to download a case study of potential investment properties in Austin. Please let us know if you'd like an introduction to learn more about this market. 

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What other markets should we profile?

We plan to bring you a report once a quarter on another non-Bay Area market that could be a great opportunity for investment. 

Nashville, Seattle, Chicago, Portland, Boulder...let us know the areas you'd like to learn more about!